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Tabua | Arganil | Coja | Goís and much more places

In many places in the area, such Coja – Tabua – Arganil – Gois and much more, there is much to do. There are larger and smaller music and cultural festivals during the summer season around the area. The many markets, nice and cozy terraces and restaurants. Once a week, on Sundays, there is the chicken market in Tabua. At the end of the market you can eat grilled chicken with salad and baked potatoes with the locals. The market itself alongside poultry are sold flowers and plants. Also in Arganil’s market on Thursday. This is a big market where absolutely everything is sold, while there is also a large gypsy market which is sold mainly textiles.


At about 45 minutes drive from Coimbra, the university city of Portugal with its many ancient buildings and lively atmosphere. The University of Coimbra is one of the oldest in Europe. Already in Roman times there was habitation in and around Coimbra, which is located on the banks of the river Mondego. In the high Middle Ages Coimbra for more than a century, the capital of Portugal. The university was founded in 1290, but is only since 1537 permanently in the city. Coimbra in 2003 European Capital of Culture. B & B Casa Traca is so central that a day at the beach to explore the Atlantic coast is possible. Figueira da Foz, a charming beach town located an hour’s drive.

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Tip: Close your holiday in central and / or northern Portugal with a day and night Porto! This is very easy to combine with the return of your car or in the vicinity of the airport of Porto. From there you can take a direct metro connection to the center of Porto. Once there, you can stroll through the old streets of Porto or just climb the many stairs. Across the Douro Porto which splits into two parts, you will find many well-known port houses where you can taste the various reports.

Porto with her beautiful Port houses

Porto fly and drive when you visit Casa Traca