Mosaics, making wreaths, making cards and making countless creations with napkins. I was always busy with it. Quite beautiful things made over the years, some of which are still ‘alive’. However, you probably know that, previously you seemed to have all the time for your hobbies, but now there are really fewer hours in a day.

Mosaics at Casa Traca, a wish

However, there had been a wish for a long time: to mosaic the white, gray walls at Casa Traca. You probably know how that works: it moves on and on and on! However, it remains in your head so the mosaic pieces and tiles pile up in the garage. So far until you don’t even know what you have or don’t have. That is also possible!

From wish to project phase 1

mosaics at Casa Traca project Last week the wish finally turned into project. Because believe me it is a project.

First brought everything out of the garage. Dragged to the large terrace and started sorting out. Once upon a time with girlfriend Marleen, I smashed a lot of tiles. Which, by the way, was already a project in itself. Now cut the remaining tiles and smashed them. Since my drawing arts aren’t really great, I have to make an example first.

By the way, I still manage to get a completely different performance on the wall. I was never allowed to help my children with homework of drawing, because then they would get an inadequate result. No really am quite creative but drawing is really not for me. The basis drawn with the help of one of the butterflies in the garden.

From wish to project phase 2

Now that the idea was signed on the board, we could start filling it up. The deep blue tiles still come from my bathroom in Driehuis. I lived here with my previous husband and in 2000 we had a new bathroom installed there. These tiles were over and over the years I have incorporated them into many mosaic pieces. I brought a part to Portugal for that wish … ………… ..

The first show is on the board!

mosaics at Casa Traca Arganil  mosaics in Central Portugal

mosaic butterfly A wish that had already begun in the Netherlands with this paper. It is still in the general lounge area upstairs in the Bed and Breakfast.

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Mosaics on the wall

After 2 or 3 days of ‘puzzling’, not continuous but still quite a few hours, the entire performance is on the board. With the butterfly prominent in the middle.

Mosaic in Arganil Central Portugal  Mozics in Central Portugal Arganil

It’s time to move the workplace to the walls. Both walls are approx. 180 long and 65 cm. high. Is not too bad until you start sticking stones on average 2 to 3 square cm. Hubby helps facilitate at the workplace and also makes the glue. He very sweetly occasionally brings something to eat and drink. Very nice because then I don’t always have to climb to my feet. This body actually doesn’t want to sit on the floor anymore but unfortunately that wall is now just near the floor.

Find the differences

During the pasting, in which I had devised a really good strategy, my non-drawing talents turn out once again. How hard can it be to pick up a stone and stick it on the wall in exactly the same way. In the same position, shape and proportions. Hmmm harder than imagined. Eventually focused on the butterfly. If you do not compare the photos before and after too much, it is not so bad, right? Because the proportions came out slightly differently, I sometimes had stones left and sometimes too short. The result was that a lot was also stuck to the wall freehand.

mosaics on the wall Arganil  mosaics in Arganil bed and breakfast

The intermediate position

All planned pieces, with the exception of a few, are finished. On closer inspection, I found those who were not stuck really not looking good.

In the coming days I will continue to sort stones and sort to paste this wall. Then create a pattern for the other adjacent wall.

Do you have ideas for the design or do you want to come and help? Pass it on via the mail or contact us via the contact form. For more offers you can also have a look at our other website of Casa Traca.

Offer mosaics:

If you want to help with this mosaics during your vacation, there are still a few wall sections that would like to be fitted with mosaics, then we have a great offer.

  • You just pay the number of nights including breakfast at the applicable rate
  • Every day you help mosaics you get a free lunch
  • Drinks and snacks during the mosaics are free
  • With a minimum stay of 4 days 1x dinner free
  • Are you bringing someone who is not going to mosaic? Totally fine. Lunch and dinner then with a 50% discount.

mosaics at Casa Traca Central Portugal