What activities can be done for the active holidaymaker? Although our base is the Bed and Breakfast we want to offer you, our guests, that little bit extra that will make your holiday unforgettable. The beautiful and hospitable area can be discovered in many ways. On your own or organized, on foot or by car, historical places or nature and much more. We have tried to put together a few things for you. On our page packages you will find an overview of a number of complete packages and activities for you. These arrangements can always be adjusted to your own wishes and needs. All arrangements are based on availability. Contact us for more information.

Hiking and aqua-hiking

In cooperation with a local guide we take care of walks in the area of ​​Casa Traca and in the mountains of central Portugal, the Serra da Estrela. The Dutch-speaking guide takes you along the most beautiful paths, waterfalls. Where she treats you to the most beautiful views through the beautiful nature of Portugal. Depending on the walk, a winery, attraction or weaving can be visited in consultation. Sometimes at a small extra cost.

The walks can be booked per day based on the availability of the guide. There are several walks suitable for both the experienced walker and also for the holiday maker. Walks are suitable for all ages. Feel free to inquire about the possibilities and prices. For walking clubs and walking clubs we use adjusted rates and packages.

We also work together with an organization specialized in river walking. A separate challenge and experience. You walk and wade through the Ceia in the vicinity of Goís and here passes beautiful bridges and riverbeds. Please inform us about the conditions and possibilities.

Kayaking and canoeing

We work together with various local organizations in the vicinity of B & B Casa Traca. If you want to go canoeing or kayaking on your own, ask us about the possibilities. The organizations also supply a guide on request and at an additional cost, which you can then guide. However, the tours are set out in such a way and provided with safety posts along the way that you can safely do this alone, even with (small) children. If desired, we can contact you and make an appointment for you.


We also organize incidental excursions which you can book on the spot at an (expense) fee. Feel free to inquire about the conditions, possibilities and prices.

  • Visit to the chicken market in Tabua on Sunday morning. You visit the local small plant and poultry market and visit the large meat, cheese, vegetable and bread hall. Then we join the locals to enjoy grilled chicken, fries, salad, dessert and wine and water at long tables.
  • Day excursion to the slate village, Piodão, and to the praia Fluvial Foz’dEgua where you can walk beautifully according to marked routes. This excursion includes transportation and prato do dia.
  • Excursion to the waterfalls Fraga da Pena. Beautiful rugged waterfalls in a protected natural area with beautiful hiking trails. This excursion includes a picnic at the waterfalls.
  • Swimming on a virtually private beach at the Rio de Mondego with impressive rock formations and an old Roman bridge. This excursion includes a simple barbecue on the water and drinks included.

Portuguese evening and workshops

Portuguese fado evening

In cooperation with a trendy bar in Tabúa, we now also offer a typical Portuguese evening. The evening consists of a dinner consisting of only Portuguese dishes and live fado music. Of course there is an opportunity to dance if you dare to take on this challenge on the basis of the Portuguese dancers. The evening includes drinks where you can choose from wine, beer and soft drinks.

Workshop Broa de milho e queijo,

In the center of the Serra da Lousã, in the village of Aldeia do Xisto de Aigra Nova, you can take part in the traditional process of making corn, rye and goat’s cheese. Rye and corn are the main cereals that have been grown here for centuries. The cheeses are made with goat’s milk from the herds of the village. The program also includes a visit to the capril da aldeia and a visit to the community square. There is also a visit to the Eco-Museu Tradições do Xist0.

Here you can see all the traditional activities of the village communities.
This excursion is given by Transserrano with whom we have been able to make favorable price agreements for you. The excursion only takes place with sufficient registrations.