Píodão, Foz d’egua and Fraga da Pena

Píodão ……. In the area of ​​our B & B you will find the brown signs to this tourist attraction.
Spend a day in the mountains, on the highest point of mainland Portugal. The Torre is the highest point (1993 m) of the Serra da Estrela. The Torre is not a striking mountain peak, but the flattened highest point of a ridge. Exactly at the highest point of the Torre is a geodic signal. The Torre is unusual for a mountain top, easily accessible via a paved road. It is wonderful to walk and cycle, but also a popular ski area in winter. There are beautiful mountain lakes with meltwater well into the spring and there is also Lagoa Comprida, a large reservoir. The Alva, Zêzere and Mondego rivers originate in the Serra da Estrela.

Visit Piódão 224 inhabitants (2001) in the Serra do Açor. Almost all houses are built of slate, which is unique in this region of Portugal. Piódão has been a historic landmark since 1994, Aldeia Histórica. Don’t forget to buy a delicious liqueur, such as the chestnut liqueur, in this special village. Combine a visit to Píodão with a walk to Foz d’egua, a special praia fluvial. An old Roman river beach with bridges and rocks. Here, too, the chapel is of course not missing, on the way up comes surprising things. Curious see more photos here .

You can also cool off in one of the many larger or smaller waterfalls in the area, such as Fraga da Pena, a 20-minute drive from Casa Traca. Or the slightly further away Poca da Broca on the other side of the Serra da Estrela.

Arganil and Tabua

Of course you can also look closer to Casa Traca: Arganil and Tabua. Arganil is a fairly large place with a lot to do in the summer months, but also in the low season it is wonderful to sit on one of the terraces or in the park. During the summer months there are often festivals in both places and other activities. Tabua is a 20-minute drive past charming authentic Portuguese villages. Take a turn and just follow the road.
Watch the Arganil or Tabua

In the calendar below we try to keep up to date with various activities and events within a maximum of an hour’s drive from Bed and Breakfast Casa Traca – central Portugal.

Agenda omgeving B&B Casa Traca

Hier vindt u wat er door derden georganiseerd wordt in de omgeving van B&B Casa Traca. De maximale reistijd is 45 minuten met de auto.
Wat is er te doenLocatieDatumCategorieKosten
Weekmarkt - zigeunermarkt
Arganil - markt1: Elke donderdagochtendMarktGratis
Maandmarkt -ZigeunermarktTabua - markt2: 3e zondag van de maandMarktGratis

Arganil - centrum3: 4e zaterdag van de maandMarktGratis
KofferbakmarktPub George and the Dragon4: Elke zaterdagochtendMarktGratis
Arganil Rock
ArganilApril: 20 april 2019Muziek€ 5 toegang deur open 22.30 uur
Rally de Tabua
TabuaApril: 6 en 7 april 2019Rally;
Caminhade Reflorestação

TabuaApril: 24 februari 2019Wandeling;
10 kilometer
€ 5
Rally Portugal wrc2019
ArganilMei: 31 mei 2019Rally;
Zeepkisten race
Arganil -
Mei: 26 mei 2019FolkloreGratis
12º Passeio TT “Rota da Jerupiga”
GoísMaart: 10 maart 2019Rally;
MotoRali Turístico
GoísJuni; 22 en 23 juni 2019Rally;
Toegang: gratis
Deelname: betaald
26e Concentraçao internacional de motos

GoísAugustus: 14 - 18 augustus 2019Motorevenement; Muziek; Markt; RallyPrijs € 5 | € 15 per dag
Passe partout € 30,00
Trilhos de Arganil
ArganilMaart: 3 maart 2019Hardlopen; sportPrijs € 10 | € 15
26º Raide Paraíso TT de Góis
GoísFebruari: 16 en 17 februari 2019Rally; motorsportToeschouwer gratis;
Deelname zie info
A descoberta do Vale do Rio Ceira GoísMaart: 17 maart 2019Wandeling;
15 kilometer
€ 10
Europese motorcross wedstrijdenGoísApril: 6 en 7 april 2019Rally; motorcrossGratis (toeschouwers)
Nationale kampioenschappen rally crossGoísOktober: 18 en 19 oktober 2019Rally; autocross; motorcross; motorsportGratis (toeschouwers)
BTTabuaTabuaJuni: 9 juni 2019Mountainbike; sportGratis (toeschouwers)
Feira de Freguesia de ArganilArganilJuni: 7 - 9 juni 2019Markt; FestivalGratis
Feira de São João BaptistaSarzedoJuni: 30 juni 2019Markt; FestivalGratis
Feira do Mont'AltoArganil, Sup Paço (grote parkeerplaats)September: 6 - 8 september 2019Markt; Festival; Kermis, MuziekGratis
Feira de São MiguelSecariasOktober: 5 - 6 oktober 2019Markt; FestivalGratis
Bedevaart Capela Mont'AltoMont'Alto (Arganil) - "onze" bergAugustus: 15 augustus 2019Heilige feestdag; MarktGratis
Feira Medieval Arganil Centraal PortugalArganilMei: 3 en 4 mei 2019Festival, Middeleeuwse feestenGratis
Enophila wine fest Coimbra centraal PortugalCoimbra, Convento São FranciscoJuni: 8 juni 2019Wijn Feste, Festival, feest, MarktDonatie € 1
Summer feste Arganil Centraal PortugalArganilAugustus: 16 augustus 2019Zomerfeest, festival, markt, FeestGratis
Pilates en Yoga Secarias centraal PortugalSecarias praia fluvial5: Elke zaterdagochtend in v.a 13 juli tot eind augustus 9.00 - 10.00Sport, Yoga, PilatusGratis
Capela de São Pedro (monument)Arganil (richting Sarzedo)elke donderdag + vrijdag in augustus open.Bezienswaardigheid, monumentGratis
Zumba dansenSecarias, praia fluvialmaandag 19.00-20.00 in juli en augustusSport, dansenGratis

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