16 months Central Portugal, 14 months B & B Casa Traca

A look back, the present and the future

For another 16 months we live in Central Portugal, Valbona and what has happened a lot and what is still on the program?
If people ask why Central Portugal then is my default answer because it is in the middle between Turkey and Suriname. You can imagine the surprised cans of course, but it is. Turkey, the inland and Istanbul as I know well with the cozy atmosphere, the authentic villages, the helpfulness. This combined with the calm-on attitude of Surinam, the do-it-just-mentality.

If you want to stay within a reasonable distance from the Netherlands, with good connections, nice weather, beautiful and impressive nature and also the aforementioned elements then you will soon arrive in Portugal. Even more specific in central Portugal, when entering a few years ago, this area felt like home.

This was what I had in mind, I wanted to live and work here. Well, I will work on that again. Of course there are also disadvantages such as low wages, tourists are also very pleasant because therefore prices are so low everywhere. This again promotes tourism which can benefit the population again. Central Portugal, Province of Coimbra, Arganil region, Valbona hamlet (3km from Arganil), we ended up there. In a super tight English white house that has undergone a complete metamorphosis and now becomes a true Portuguese paradise. Look for photos on our facebook page or google + page, but also here on the website.

Bed and Breakfast Casa Traca now

Bed and Breakfast Casa Traca, 27592 / AL, is an oasis of calm in central Portugal. Small-scale, informal and cozy. The biggest compliment is when guests feel so at home that they bring the breakfast boil to the kitchen and want to help with the dishes. As a hostess, I try to attend without being present. I love sharing this paradise with guests, not just the B & B itself but also the surrounding area. Show people and inform about the many sights and beautiful scenery. It is so beautiful and impressive here, pristine and pure.

The rivers with the many river banks, the waterfalls, the mountains with the slate rocks, the picturesque authentic villages, the village cafés, the towns, the people. Of course, you know that you’re moving to a country where forest fires are a threat to the drought, and in the past few weeks no one will escape. I also got the question whether it is a reason for me to leave Portugal.

No of course not. Why? Am I safer elsewhere? Can not I get anywhere else in the world: a traffic accident, another natural disaster or just a simple domestic accident? I’m as safe as anywhere in Portugal, and I have lived in Portugal. Living and working in Valbona is especially enjoy with a capital letter G!

I also received the question, including the media, how to help the fire brigade, people and Portugal to overcome the recent events of forest fires. I found this to be difficult: I am here a newcomer has to discover and experience a lot. Until I encountered a colleague’s accommodation that said “People have not booked a holiday, come to Portugal.” This will help tourism and, therefore, the economy and local people, do you want to do more than? Then go to the local bombeiros, the fire department, and donate a one-time contribution. They are happy and able to use it well.

And further?

The future? Stay as long as possible in Valbona and offer a delicious, calm, informal Bed and Breakfast to people who are interested in ‘other’ Portugal. The doors of Casa Traca are open to you all over the world to share this enjoyment with you. Enjoying the country, culture, nature, atmosphere, but also of our paradise in this wonderful country.
And for you as our guest?

Come and discover this amazing part of Portugal. Pamper yourself with a deliciously rich breakfast with an egg of the own scallop chickens, picking fruit from your own garden for free all day. Lovely relaxing spots throughout the garden, enjoy the birds and the view. Making excursions in the area, much information is available and available for inspection. It is also possible to explore the area by foot by means of an experienced guide. These walks take place in the immediate area, but also a little further so that you experience the great diversity in nature.

This season we also started offering Portuguese lessons for beginners / vacation-Portuguese. The lessons are given by an enthusiastic teacher from Dutch / Flemish and fully tailored to your wishes.

Your host in Central Portugal

Uw gastvrouw bij Bed and Breakfast Casa Traca

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