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In these blog articles you will find the ins and outs at B&B Casa Traca. Also follow our facebook page for this. We will gladly take you here on our adventures and journey of discovery in this beautiful part of the world. Nature, the people, the unexpected things. The fun and difficult moments. Our animals that are always good for stories. Chickens, dogs, cats, birds and ducks. The garden. I like to show you time and again how everything grows and flourishes. My impatience if it all doesn’t work enough or doesn’t work. The new projects that emerge as there are Portugalore and Portugal Tours. In short, a blog category that I take with us in our lives in Portugal.

  • Mosaics in Arganil

    Mosaics in Arganil

    Mosaics, making wreaths, making cards and making countless creations with napkins. I was always busy with it. Quite beautiful things made over the years, some of which are still ‘alive’. […]

  • Cepos – Restaurante O Miradouro

    Cepos – Restaurante O Miradouro

    Cepos just 10 kilometers from Bed and Breakfast Casa Traca. So it’s actually in our ‘backyard’. A few weeks ago I was at a meeting of the Fami migration project […]

  • In the garden of the butterfly house

    Spring at Casa Traca

    Spring 2018  Although it is not until the beginning of March, spring is starting to become more and more present. The trees are in full blossom, the spring flowers and […]

  • Portugal, Bed and Breakfast Arganil, Valbona

    Portugal, Bed and Breakfast Arganil, Valbona

    16 months Portugal, 14 months B & B Casa Traca A look back, the present and the future For another 16 months we live in Portugal, Valbona and what has […]