A few months before departure

And now further? Our departure nearby!

It has been quiet here on the website, but that does not mean that we have been sitting still or sit still. Our departure have coming nearby. The house have completely clean after two years of empty had a thorough clean was a necessity. Although we have done almost everything ourselves. We also had help from a local cleaning lady. Now really nothing for the disadvantages of the many people who clean here but this lady really garnered admiration: almost 60 years old and at 9 o’clock in the morning start and continue until 6 pm without a break and without food.

She did not really have only occasionally drink own brought. Also, the first part of the stuff arrived. Although they are all still stored in the garage because first we will still do a little rebuilding The next load with little furniture and stuff we are already building up to send over a month. So we have getting closer to our own departure, which is scheduled for exactly three months now. Exciting and fun and above all really excited and we look forward to it! Exciting or it all goes as we wish it to us: great life together and enough guests to achieve this.

We hope you’re one of those guests who will share the experience this with us and enjoy in this beautiful part of Portugal. We will do everything to make your stay as pleasant and relaxing as possible especially. First, in early March still some construction.  but we also have over two beautiful oriental rooms.  and a retro room and a downstairs room in classic country style.


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