Motor- and (mountain) biking and walking

Ever dreamed about riding on small roads with beautiful scenes around the corners? Then there are the perfect motorbiking tour(s) for you. These tours are for beginners as well as for experienced motorriders.

There are also nearby many possibilities (offroad) to the most beautiful mountain bike tours through beautiful natural areas. Just not too steep untrained to make a cycle trip: these are the roads in the surroundings of Valbona, Arganil. Make sure there are the silent narrow roads that are often well maintained. Are you tired of asphalt, grab your mountain bike and find the little steep (sand) roads. Even more exciting is cross-country and downhill Just hurtling down the mountain where a little can. In this mountainous area is every violent sport in perfect harmony with its surroundings: rough but fun. Looking for a fun, challenging or just a scenic route take a look at routeyou

hikers in this area may also indulge; it is an ideal area for both long-distance hikers and recreational walkers or people just keep walking a day. There are many routes to find on the Internet. We have with us in the B & B also information in front of you but you yourself also well oriented in advance and several trails framing. Check for instance on the website wikiloc
So this area is not only suitable for motorbiking, but also for walking and cycling! You can spend the night with us and take several trips from Casa Traca