Cycling, motorbiking, hiking and motorcycling! The beautiful nature, the winding roads, the unspoilt nature of Central Portugal lends itself perfectly to these activities. Bed & Breakfast Casa Traca is the ideal base for this.

Motorcyclists welcome! Motorbiking in the mountains.

Ever dreamed of motorbiking on narrow roads with beautiful views through the curves? Then you can indulge in central Portugal. These trips are very suitable for both beginners and experienced motorcyclists. You can plan tours yourself, but we can also advise you on guides or tours. Motorbiking in the mountains : an experience in itself! You can come for motorbiking with you own motor. We have place for them.


Hikers, walkers can also enjoy themselves in this area; it is an ideal area for both long distance walkers and recreational walkers or people who simply enjoy a day of hiking. There are many routes to be found on the internet. We also have information for you in the B&B, but of course you can also orient yourself well in advance and map out various routes. For example, take a look at the wikiloc .

Hiking with a guide

Hiking in central Portugal: forests, mountains and rivers. Views or walking through dense forest. Along the way regularly take a break to enjoy all the beautiful things or to see a place of interest. Walks are adjusted at the level of the participants. Your guide is very involved and enthusiastic, has years of experience and can tell you a lot about what you see, hear and smell along the way. The Dutch speaking guide takes you along the most beautiful paths and waterfalls.
Where she treats you to beautiful vistas of the beautiful nature in Portugal. Depending on the walk, a winery, place of interest or weaving mill can be visited in consultation. There are various walks that may be suitable for both the experienced hiker and the recreational user. Walks are suitable for all ages.
With the guide you can take walks in the Serra da Estrela and the Serra Caramulo . You can also make beautiful walks in the nature reserve at the waterfalls of Fraga da Pena. A walk through the village of Piódão, the slate village in the Serra do Açor, is also recommended. Together with you we can also take a nice walk along the Rio Alva. Of course, a hike to the top of our own mountain Mont’Alto is highly recommended. Our dogs are happy to join us on the last 2 walks.
For more information about the guide and the hikes see Leen Hiking 

Aqua Walking

Water walking is recently in Portugal. It is a walk, but along the river bed. To enjoy this activity comfortably, Trans Serrano offers wetsuits and helmets. The activity goes through a spectacular environment, where it is possible to observe rare species of trees, such as the Portuguese laurel (Prunus lusitanica), and also river birds such as the Gray Heron, the White-throated Dipper or the River Kingfisher. The presence of otters is noticeable and with a bit of luck you can see one … Silence and the direct contact with the nature are the highlights of these activity. This is a unique experience in a beautiful river, the Ceira. B&B Casa Traca has arranged a discount for you. More information Transserrano

Cycling and mountain biking

The area surrounding Casa Traca is perfect for exploring by bicycle . Keep that in mind that we are situated in the mountains and that the roads are therefore not equally flat everywhere. In Arganil is a good bike rental company where you can rent a bike / mountain bike per day or for the entire holiday. If desired, we have 1 mountain bike and 1 city bike for you.

There are also many options for the most beautiful ones in the neighborhood < strong> bicycle and (off road) mountain bike tours through beautiful nature reserves. Also suitable for untrained cyclists to make a bike ride: these are the roads in the surroundings of Valbona, Arganil. These roads are less hilly but with beautiful vistas and views. The most roads, even the small inland roads are generally well maintained.

If you are tired of the asphalt, then take your mountain bike and look for the steep (sandy) roads.Ever more exciting is cross-country and downhill racing down the mountain where possible. In a mountainous area, every sport is in perfect harmony with its surroundings: rough, but fun. If you are looking for a fun, challenging or simply beautiful route, take a look at routeyou.

Cycling on the ECOPISTA DO DÃO

Beautiful cycle path over a lifted railway line . Cycle down 47 kilometers slowly, with transfer to the starting point. The “Linha do Dão” , a railroad that was closed in 1988 between Santa Comba Dão and Viseu in the middle Portugal, was taken back into use in 2011, but now as a cycling and walking path with the name Ecopista do Dão . With its 49 km it is not only the longest Ecopista, but probably also the most beautiful Ecopista in Portugal.

If you want to do this, we can contact the organization and reserve this for you. More information can be found here

This area is not only suitable for motorbiking but also for walking and cycling! You can spend the night with us and undertake various tours from Casa Traca. Still not convinced view the video below: source: Lionsmith Nomads 

More information or would you like to reserve an activity during your stay: Let us know