Canoeing and swimming

Canoeing and swimming, things that you and your children like to do? Then you can indulge yourself in this part of Portugal with its many rivers. The Portuguese have a relationship with the Rio Mondego, ideal for canoeing and swimming. It is the only river that flows from beginning to end by Portugal. On the river, you can sail to the ancient university city of Coimbra canoe, but it is advisable to begin only after the large dam in Agueira. You can rent canoes include Penacova. During the canoe there are cliffs and a lot of green interspersed with occasional small beach or a cave.  It is a journey of 40 km through the valley of the Rio Mondego. You will experience the peace and quiet of nature until you come in Coimbra with the hustle and bustle of city life.

If you want us to mediate a canoe or kayak trip on the Rio Mondego in the rental including proper instruction by an experienced instructor. The tours are suitable for all categories of difficulty. It is also possible to sail a day in combination with abseiling. Ask about the possibilities or orient yourself on rock and river and Opioneiro do Mondego

Praia Fluvial

Apart from canoeing to the rivers they can also enjoy swimming or other water sports. one knows the river beaches, the Praia Fluvial at many places. Often equipped with showers, dressing rooms and a kiosk. Perfect replacement for a day at the beach, the water is clean and clear and the banks is a lot to do because the forests extend to the river banks. What about rivierkreefjes catch in the Rio Mondego or swim under a waterfall? Just one kilometer away in Folques is a small river park beach, 4 km away is the famous Praia da Fluvial Secarias.