Canoeing & Kayaking

Canoeing and swimming, things you and your children like to do? Then you can indulge in this part of Portugal with its many rivers. The Portuguese have a relationship with the Rio Mondego, ideal for canoeing and swimming. It is the only river that flows through Portugal from start to finish. On the river you can canoeing up to the old university town of Coimbra, but it is advisable to start only after the large dam in Agueira. You can rent canoes in Penacova and Oliveira do Hospital, among others. During the canoeing, a journey of 40 km through the valley of the Rio Mondego, there are rock walls on either side. These are alternated with the occasional small beach or a cave. You experience the peace and quiet of nature until you arrive in Coimbra with the hustle and bustle of city life.
If you want to make a canoe or kayak trip on the Rio de Mondego we can mediate in the rental including good instruction by an experienced instructor. The tours are suitable for all difficulty categories. If you want to canoe or kayak on your own, ask us about the possibilities. The organizations also provide a guide on request and at an additional cost which you can then guide. However, the tours have been set out in such a way and provided with safety posts along the way that you can safely undertake them alone. Also with (small) children. If desired, we can contact you and make an appointment for you. It is also possible to combine a day of sailing with abseiling. Ask about the possibilities or orient yourself at Opioneiro do mondego or Transserrano . If required, we can deliver and collect you for a fee.

Swimming beside canoeing

Apart from canoeing, one can of course also swim in the rivers or practice other water sports. In many places you know the river beaches, the Praia Fluvial. Often equipped with showers, changing rooms and a kiosk. A great replacement for a day at the beach, the water is clean and clear and there is a lot to experience on the banks because the forests extend to the river banks. What about catching crayfish in the Rio Mondego or swimming under a waterfall? Just a kilometer away in Folques is a small river park beach, and 4 km away is the famous Praia da Fluvial Secarias.

Canyoning Ribeira da Pena, Serra da Lousã

This is a sport in which one follows the course of a river through a gorge. This makes canyoning primarily a sport that is practiced in the mountains. To follow the river it is necessary to walk, climb, jump, swim and abseil. This small river flows through a narrow valley. The river bed, river banks and cliffs are formed with impressive rocks that make this an almost inaccessible place. For this reason, the Ribeira da Pena valley still serves as a haven for plants and animals that are unique and rare.

This is the most spectacular river in the central Portugal region, where it is possible to find the perfect combination of impenetrable and wilderness (formed by numerous waterfalls, lagoons and stately cliffs) with lush vegetation and distinctive flora and fauna. All effort spent on performing this activity is worth the effort. More information Transserrano

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