Package overview

Package 1: Hiking- or walkingweek

Outside the high season (July and August) in order, it is also possible to book a walking week. This week consists of 7 nights including breakfast, 3 days hiking with a guide to various destinations based on the needs and ability of the walkers, packed lunch during hiking days and dinner on return at the bed and breakfast. In connection with the availability of the guide, it is advisable to book this week, well in advance.

Prices and dates on request


Package 2: Hikingdays

These days are equal to the hiking week of package 1, the walking week, but the week consists than walking out 3 nights and 2 days. A walk on and around Monte Alto with all its sights, the other walk takes place in the area of Serra da Estrela.
Prices and dates on request

Package 3: Active in the area

Day 1: Arrival at Casa Traca. You will be picked from Coimbra train station (maximum 4  people). Get at Porto airport is an additional charge of € 37.50 per person possible.
Day 2: Visit the local poultry market in Tabua and then eat chicken with the locals at the market. Then we visit the wine cellars of the former residence of President António de Oliveira Salazar and / or a local winery.
Day 3: Hiking in and around Monte d’Alto. This walk takes about 4 hours including intermission and is fairly intensive because of the increase of approximately 400 meters to the top of the mountain.
Day 4: Visit the schist village of Piódão and a visit to the waterfalls of Fraga da Pena where you can swim.
Day 5: Kayak Sailing on the river Mondego, you can sail all day at their own pace with downstream use of the light flow is not a difficult journey, but you can enjoy the impressive nature.
Day 6: We start the day with a visit to the (gypsy) market in Arganil, then we visit on a quiet beach on the Rio Mondego and end the day with a river BBQ
Day 7: Mountain bike tour accompanied by a guide, including mountain bike with full equipment.
Day 8: Departure from Casa Traca Railway Station Coimbra from there you can travel back home or any next destination. With sufficient interest we bring before you leave a visit to the University of Coimbra. Bringing to Porto airport is an additional charge of € 37.50 per person possible
This week consists of 8 days, 7 nights accommodation with breakfast and every day there is an activity. Do you find this too heavy program, you can choose to extend your stay by a few days and the activities are more or you can choose one or more to do activities. Provided well in advance marked the week to share flexibly. The visit to the poultry market and chicken is fixed at the market. Included are the prices of all the above excursions described in the program and transfers during the week, 2x and 5x lunch meal including drinks.
Price per person / per package based on two people: € 725 Surcharge for first-person occupancy is € 75.

Packages can be booked by email and book Book Now stating the package number and name. We require a 50% deposit, packages can be canceled up to two weeks before arrival. We will get in touch with you.

All prices and programs are subject to price change and availability

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