Welkom bij B&B Casa Traca, weet ons te vinden!

Closed May 1st we opened our Bed and Breakfast or as here in Portugal called our Alojemento Local. Much  happened in the past 2 months and this we have kept an (almost) daily blog on our Facebook page. Click here to read more about what’s happened that we have opened. We are still working and will continue to do so.  but the bed, the bathroom, conservatory and adjoining dining room are ready. Also the common area inside the main part of the garden ready!

We have the great estufa, grow tent, away from the garden and place is now realized a vegetable garden, kennel and chicken stay. A vegetable garden to be more self-support, but also for our guests and just because we like it! A kennel because we like to own a dog like this but like the dogs can not sleep in any guests arrive. It is a beautiful, warm in winter and cool in summer kennel, of course, water and windproof therefore an excellent stay.

Would you possibly bring a dog you can do so but have only discussed after this with us. We do ask here a small contribution. Finally, the chickens stay: well what’s in the green heart of Portugal without chickens, your eggs? Come spend a few nights with us to discover all the beauty of this area. We are happy to advise, we also organize hiking weeks and days and weeks activities. These can be found elsewhere on this website: theme weeks. See you at Bed and Breakfast Casa Traca!