Facts to Know, edition 1 the language

From now on we will regularly fun facts here on the website. Facts about the environment, facts about the country Portugal, facts about the culture, facts about the language. In short facts about everything that happened here and play. Collect the “facts” and learn more about this beautiful country!

Fact 1: The Dutch language in Portugal.

There are about 23 million people on this planet who have Dutch as their mother tongue. Portuguese is there more than before, with 240 million people. That Portuguese is a real world language. Which list you would like to look it, Portuguese is in the top 10 most spoken languages.

Main reason for this is, of course, Brazil, the largest country in South America. Anyone who thinks that Spanish is the main language of that continent there is more wrong. Of the 385 million Latin Americans speak nearly 55% Portuguese as their first language. Portugal may therefore quite proud of his language, even though the Portuguese increasingly seen as the primary language of Brazil.

Dutch in Portugal? The Turismo de Portugal website is available in 10 languages, including Dutch. The site is really full of information and I guess also the experienced Portuguese-goer to have still to take a look: visitportugal.com/nl

Curiously, the website dedicated to promoting tourism in the Algarve, visitalgarve.pt, is not available in Dutch, but include it in French. This while tourism from the Netherlands three times as large as from France. When asked, a spokesman for Turismo de Portugal states that it is because the first version of the website but was available in two languages, English and Portuguese, and that at the time the site was visited from France and much less from the Netherlands. The spokesman gives slightly embarrassed that there has not been looked into real visitor statistics, and that she understands why so many “French” visit a Portuguese language website. Indeed, Portuguese live more in Paris than in Coimbra, Braga, Guimaraes and Leiria together.

Taalgebied Portugese taal

Taalgebied Portugese taal