Cepos – Restaurante O Miradouro

Cepos just 10 kilometers from Bed and Breakfast Casa Traca. So it’s actually in our ‘backyard’.  Cepos Arganil Central Portugal Miradouro restaurante

A few weeks ago I was at a meeting of the Fami migration project of the municipality of Arganil . In addition to some foreigners like myself, there were also people from the employment office and the municipality. Afterwards a lady from the municipality told about a newly opened restaurant in Cepos. This had to be a special restaurant: good quality food, beautiful entourage and a great location.

Eating out in Cepos at restaurant O Miradouro

Now we go out to eat regularly since we live in Portugal. In fact, ‘eating out’ is a somewhat exaggerated concept in this context. Usually it is a bite to eat outside the door. This can vary from a prato do dia, the chicken market or in one of the restaurants in the area. Of course we also have some favorites here. For example, we like to eat Polvo de lagareiro at Grelha in Arganil, a skewer at Gota d’Agua in Secarias and a naco at Impala in Sarzedo.

The mountains behind us – our backyard

Now we are quite oriented towards the environment on the left, right and ahead. No idea why but in the mountains behind our house we don’t get much in one way or another. Leave the town of Cepos just behind our house. You will be there in less than 20 minutes. A beautiful drive through the forests and mountains via Folques will take you to this mountain village. It is also the tourist route through the mountains to Fraga da Pena and Piódão. The route that the coaches cannot take because you pass through mountain villages with narrow streets and sometimes also have to take some sharp turns.

This aside because Cepos is too close for that. Cepos is a small, cozy mountain village with magnificent views, views. The ride there is worth the trip alone. I also want to go back one afternoon in the short term. This also because there is a geocache hidden, which of course I want to search.

The restaurant O Miradouro

Last night it finally happened: we went to restaurante O Miradouro in Cepos. The restaurant opened at the beginning of July 2019 and is literally on a mountain top. It is run by 2 brothers who have lived in England for many years and have gained the necessary experience there. They already have the first plus due to the great location choice. On arrival but also in most places in the restaurant you have a great view over the mountains and valleys. When night falls, beautiful light falls play, good for many photo opportunities.

Upon entering, you will immediately notice the quiet, attractive and stylish interior. Although the restaurant is quite large, you don’t have the feeling of being in a dining room. The details have been carefully chosen and much use has been made of wood. This is reflected in the map which offers more than enough choice but is not excessive.

We both opted for a naco na preda which was served with a warm plate on which you could prepare your meat at your own pace. You also got sea salt, homemade herb butter and homemade pepper sauce. As side dishes you could choose from different things. We chose, among other things, the spinach with garlic and mushrooms. For dessert a cheese cake with coffee taste …….. super!

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In short, this restaurant is highly recommended. Bed and Breakfast Casa Traca has business cards .